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Plattsburgh Home Inspectors Help With Money-Saving Tips

There are many ways in which your home can lose money. From the littlest things like properly sealing your windows, to larger issues like proper insulation can greatly affect your energy bills. Our Plattsburgh home inspectors can evaluate your home and let you know where you are losing money.

Simple Energy Savers

One of the best ways to keep your energy bills low is to simply turn off and unplug all electronic devices when you are not using them. This seems like a minute detail, but even when your cell phone charger is still left in the socket it is using up some energy.

In the summer, keeping your window shades or blinds down will keep your house cooler. Although it may look pretty outside, all of that extra sunlight is making your air conditioner have to work much harder. Conversely in the winter, you want to keep your shades and blinds up! All of that sunshine will help keep to warm up your house.

Speaking of windows, properly sealing your windows can make a huge difference throughout the year. It’s nice to live in an area that experiences all of the beautiful seasons, but that also means that your home is exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Luckily, our Plattsburgh home inspectors have a few simple ways for you to keep your windows in check for less.

Use a lit candle to find unwanted drafts throughout your home. Where the flames blow, that is where a draft is occurring. Next, remove any old, dried up caulking with caulk softener. Once the old caulk is removed, apply new caulk to freshly cleaned windows to ensure maximum adhesion.

This do-it-yourself tip can save you a lot on your energy bills throughout the year.

Why Insulation Matters

Properly caulked windows are one way to help insulate the warm or cool air in your home, but ultimately good insulation is key. How well the roof has been installed, to the construction and insulation of your basement matters. You want a good barrier in between your house and mother nature.

A few areas our Plattsburgh home inspectors can check to see if your home is properly installed, include the attic, exterior walls, and basement.

There are many cost effective ways to properly insulate your home, and the Neighborhood Home Inspectors would be more than happy to help you with that! Home owners may contact our Plattsburgh home inspectors right here online, or by simply calling (518) 593-0642.