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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

They may be tiny creatures, but wood-destroying insects can cause tremendous harm to a home’s window frames, floors, and overall structure if they go untreated for an extended period of time. Some loans require new home buyers to have a wood destroying insect inspection, and our NY home inspectors are fully certified to provide this inspection.


There are several types of wood-destroying insects, most commonly carpenter ants and termites. Carpenter ants often establish nests in in hollow spaces like hollow core doors, between a double wall, or in any rotted, weakened wood. Once a nest is located, special insecticides can eliminate the problem and, and homeowners can fix any structural issues

Carrying a notorious reputation, termites are among the most destructive of wood-destroying insects. While different types of termites cause a varying amount of harm depending on their climate, they all survive on wood. This means they rapidly eat away at important structural elements of a home. Termite control is typically a complex procedure involving special chemicals and is best left the professionals.

In addition to an wood-destroying inspect inspection, we also provide the necessary form, NPMA-33, that banks require. This service can be provided at the same time as your home inspection for a discounted rate or offered as a stand alone service.